Spyker begins selling its body! Your name on an F1 car.

In what could be seen as a brilliant publicity gambit by a hip, young team, a desperate marketing ploy by struggling backmarkers, or something else we haven't thought of yet, the Spyker F1 Team (officially the Etihad Aldar Spyker F1 Team) is auctioning four logo spaces on its current championship contender on eBay UK. Opening bids range from €500,000 (that's euros!) for the upper nose to €3,000,000 for the engine cover.

It is the first time in the history of Formula 1 that a team sponsorship opportunity is up for auction. For any of you who've been looking for a rapidly moving orange car to paste your name or corporate logo on, here's your chance. In the words of Bas Verhart, a rep from Dutch agency Media Republic, "We think that this is a unique opportunity for all those eccentrics and philanthropists out there who want to propose marriage in style, support their chosen charity or highlight just causes." Buyer beware, however: the Spykers are starting in 20th and 21st position for this weekend's Malaysian Grand Prix, so your prospective fiancee might not see them.

[Source: eBay via Motor Authority]

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