Only 1,000 GT500KRs? Maybe, maybe not.

Reading stories about Carroll Shelby, you get the impression he's a likable guy, but definitely not one you ever want to cross. So you've got to wonder where the misunderstanding happened with the GT500KR. Ford's official press release said only 1,000 of the 510-hp Mustangs would be built, but in an interview with Stangs Unleashed, Shelby says he has not yet agreed to the 1,000 cars Ford says will be built. Does that mean more KRs? Or fewer? Blue Oval News hopes the actual number might match the number of KRs produced in 1968 (1,251 by their count, Ford's press release says 1,570).

In the interview, Shelby also gives us hope for the future, saying there will definitely be more and better Shelbys after the GT500KR. "Even after I go horizontal, Amy ( Boylan, President of Shelby Automobiles, Inc.) is still gonna be building Shelbys," Shelby says.

Follow the jump to watch the interview.

[Source: Stangs Unleashed via BlueOval News]

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