Popular Mechanics reporter Benjamin Chertoff was leaving the New York Auto Show on Saturday when a bright red roadster lurking down a side street caught his attention. Turns out it was the Mullen Motor GT turned into the L1X-75 electric car by Hybrid Technologies that we told you about at last year's New York show.It also happens that Ben was able to talk his way into an impromptu test drive around New York's crowded streets. While it's not easy to tap the potential of 600 hp or to challenge Mullen's claim of 175 mph in bumper-to-bumper, Ben at least found one traffic-free block to sample lithium-powered acceleration.

Watching a car burning off an inch or two of rear rubber in almost dead silence is eerily unnatural. If electric cars are where we're headed, their quiet operation, especially performance cars, is gonna take some getting used to. But 0-60 times of 3.1 seconds could help ease us into the future.

Full press release from Hybrid Technologies after the jump.

[Source: Popular Mechanics]


Hybrid's answer to the Ferrari to be media and general public attraction as they celebrate their third year at one of the world's largest auto shows.

LOS ANGELES, CA AND NEW YORK, NY - MARCH 28, 2007 - Hybrid Technologies, Inc. (NASD OTCBB: HYBT - News) www.hybridtechnologies.com, emerging leaders in the development and marketing of lithium battery powered products worldwide, is pleased to announce that it will be conducting interviews and product demonstrations for prospective VIP clients who are interested in obtaining an exclusive license to distribute Hybrid Technologies' full line of products. Qualified media can also request a product demonstration at this years' New York International Auto Show (NYIAS).

To celebrate the launch of the Distributor - Dealer Program, Hybrid will unveil the 2007 L1X-75 aimed at the exotic sports car market. The L1X-75 is a highly advanced carbon fiber, lithium powered sports car with uncompromising power, style and torque.

Hybrid Technologies strategically selected the NYIAS as the stage to announce and implement the long awaited Distributor-Dealer Network Program, due to their media history and public success at one of the world's largest auto shows which provides the opportunity to capture the minds and attention of the millions that pass through the doors of the Jacob Javits Convention Center.

"Our lithium battery propelled products emerged from decades of experience in both our proprietary Battery Technologies and Battery Management Systems (B.M.S). With our manufacturing, testing and development experience combined with engineering excellence, places us in a very unique position to offer this exciting program" states Mr. Frank Ziegler, Director of Sales and Distribution for HYBT. "We are the ONLY Company in the world that can offer this technology and business model to the general public through licensing. Through exclusive technological innovations and proprietary systems, our licensees are able offer this exclusive technology with virtually no competitive market."

Each Distributor assigned to an exclusive territory (800,000 population and above) will offer a full service center parts department, showroom, test drives, inventory and sales. In addition, the Distributor will have a roll out time line to establish 25 outside sales representatives or "dealerships" throughout their territory.

Under the Distributor-Dealer enhanced market plan, each Distributor and Dealer will have access to a complete marketing engine and pre-formatted marketing materials and personalized website. Furthermore, Hybrid Technologies will hold a one week training class and support at our state of the art facility in North Carolina, prior to opening.

Hybrid Technologies will be launching this program as well as sneak previews and product demonstrations at Hybrid's booth (D2 - level four) in the Jacob Javits Convention Center on April 7th - 15th at the New York International Auto Show.

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