Kia to enter pickup fray, too?

Kia Motors is investigating the feasibility of introducing a pickup truck in the US market. Kia Motors president Cho Nam-hong fueled the speculation when he was quoted as saying "Isn't it time for Kia Motors to make inroads into the (U.S.) pickup truck market?" Cho's answer was in response to questions surrounding the recently-announced free trade deal between the US and S. Korea. Within 10 years, the deal eradicates the hefty 25% tariff placed on trucks entering the US.

There is no word at this time regarding the size of the truck being studied, but we think it would be wise if a mid-size pickup were to come first. If one uses Toyota as a benchmark (doesn't everybody?), a Tacoma-sized pickup is best suited as an automaker's first stab into the ultra-competitive truck segment. Toyota has also shown that as well as they've done with the Tacoma, the full-size Tundra is still having trouble competing in the large truck market.


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