Biodiesel startup Planetary Fuels set for lift off

Planetary Fuels, a Seattle, Washington-based biodiesel startup, has filed to set up their first production facility outside of Seattle which includes the installation of tankage with a combined capacity of 442,000 gallons. The plant should produce around 6 million gallons of biodiesel per annum using crops from local farmers. The company plans to build a series of small scale biodiesel plants that can produce between 2 million and 6 million gallons of biodiesel per year each.

Analysis: I sat down with Planetary Fuels founder, Ophir Ronen, last year to discuss his roll-out strategy. He told me that the plan is to utilise his IT experience from co-founding Internap Network Services plus IT methodologies to the world of biodiesel production. Planetary Fuels will be a company to keep an eye on.

[Source: Seattle Post Intelligencer]

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