Beat, Groove or Trax? GM wants you to vote for your fave minicar concept

Which of the Chevy triplets is most likely to succeed? That's the question that GM is trying to answer with their latest Internet vote (in January, GM asked us to vote for the Volt). The three concept cars: the Beat, the Trax and the Groove, have been in the public eye for a little less than a week now, and this vote is a way for GM to gauge which of the three has made the best initial impression.

GM is asking people to "Vote for Your Minicar," but there's not been any guarantee that voters in America will ever get to but one of these three cars, so calling it "Your Minicar" is either a coded preview or a misleading phrase.
As of today, the results are the Groove at about 50 percent, the Beat at 40ish, and the Trax at only 10 percent. There are just over 242,000 votes right now.

[Source: GM]

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