Good things come to those who wait: Ferrari to end 18-month waiting list

If you're like us you've been waiting for your new Ferrari for what seems like forever. If instead you actually put down a deposit and signed physical paperwork at a Ferrari dealer, you might have been waiting for as long as 18 months for your new Italian steed. That's the typical lag time between order and delivery from Maranello. If it's a 599 GTB you want, you're looking at around two years' wait.

But Ferrari hopes to get their well-heeled customers behind leather-wrapped wheels sooner, by increasing output by five-percent. At first that doesn't sound like much, but considering Ferrari sold 5,671 cars last year, a five-percent boost in production will mean about 283 (283.55 to be exact) more Italian supercars on the world's roads.

One reason for the extended wait and therefore the increase in output is Ferrari's booming popularity worldwide, especially in China. Ferrari hopes to sell 170 cars there this year and is looking at even bigger numbers after opening a Ferrari technical center and high-performance driving school for Chinese customers.

More Ferraris on the road can only be a good thing, in our opinion. (Especially since they keep getting run into walls and trees.) We dream of a day when prancing horses are as ubiquitous in rush-hour traffic as Mustangs, when we routinely get cut off by screaming red blurs of speed and every home has a a chicken in every pot and a V-12 in every garage. Our dream also usually has beer volcanoes and is cut short by an alarm clock just asking to be smashed against the wall.

[Source: El Mundo via MotorAuthority]

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