At the invitation of GM, eco-blogger Michael d'Estries of Groovy Green attended the New York Auto Show. At dinner he took advantage of being sandwiched between Hummer boss Ross Hendrix and GM's lead exec on environmental issues, Beth Lowery. Michael's first questions to Hendrix: "So Ross, when is Hummer going green?"

Hendrix responded with promises that GM is making advancements in fuel economy and that Hummer will have more diesels by the end of the decade.

The conversation turned to Hummer's image as the bad boy on the green block. Hendrix said Hummer couldn't declare itself carbon neutral soon if only to avoid being charged with green washing. But the brand will focus on publicizing improvements in fuel economy and weight reductions.

Hummer's possible tie-in with McDonalds on a green project seemed to impress the groovy blogger, and he was pleased that GM responded in good faith to his questions. Any frustration stemming from the dinner focused on the "two-three years away" time frame for the promises.

Meanwhile, d'Estries is promising more blogs and videos from his auto show visit.

[Source: Michael d'Estries / Groovy Green]

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