Amazon Prime Day 2024 - Go green, save gas and save lives

What would happen if everybody obeyed the speed limit? A group in the U.K. would like to find out, assuming that there is no speed limit higher than 70 miles per hour (which, of course there is. Another topic for another story). Their website claims, and has data to back it up, that deaths would drop, emissions would drop and gas mileage would increase. And, by substantial amounts, too. I am well aware that not everybody would be willing to abide by this particular speed. I have been known to break it from time to time myself (a gross understatement? Not that I am admitting to :-). But, what about you individually? Are you willing to commit to never breaking 70 miles per hour? If so, click here and check into joining. You'll get a very stylish sticker to proudly display your intentions.

[Source: Treehugger]

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