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You try to drive farther: Alaska to Tierra del Fuego on donated, used oil

It cannot be easy to drive from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego, Argentina. I know there are people out there doing it, but it's still a challenge for the car and the passengers. Many years ago, somewhere in Alaska or maybe the Yukon, I met a family of four (two young girls with their parents) who were almost done with the northward version of the drive, so I don't think it's impossible.
But if you think just making the drive isn't hard enough, go ahead and do what Seth Warren and Tyler Bradt started last July in Alaska: drive the whole way using nothing but donated vegetable and animal oils.

AP writer Hilary Burke caught up with the two men at the end of the road in Argentina's Tierra del Fuego National Park, the southern tip of South America. After 21,000 miles and countless stops to ask for fuel, the two finally ended the journey they put their small Japanese fire truck through. Part-awareness-raising campaign, part-pure adventure and part of the Oil and Water Project, Warren and Bradt did biofuel demos for school kids at U.S. embassies, went kayaking, and made people laugh as they put everything from fish oil to pig fat into the truck, nicknamed "Baby."

Read the feature here.

[Source: Hilary Burke / Reuters on Yahoo!]

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