Rolls-Royce steel-plates the Phantom

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In most countries around the world, if you've got the cash and the chutzpah to be rolling in a Roller, you're an instant target for theft, carjacking, kidnapping and various forms of armed extortion. No wonder, then, that Rolls-Royce is finally launching a fully armored version of the Phantom luxury limousine.

The beefed-up Phantom starts its life as any other does at the factory in Goodwood, but is then sent to an undisclosed independent contractor for fortification. There, specialists install sheets of the latest fiber composites, steel plating, bullet-proof glass and an additional polycarbonate laminate inside the cabin. All the extra protection gives the armored Rolls-Royce the highest VR7 security rating. To cope with the extra weight, the suspension and chassis have been beefed up, but the 453-hp V12 engine carries over unchanged to pull the extra mass.

From the outside the armored Phantom is indistinguishable from its unprotected counterpart. Inside, Rolls-Royce redesigned parts of the cabin to maintain the same standard of comfort and luxury despite the thicker door panels, and customers can still customize their rides to the same degree as any other. The "Phantom Armoured" is going on sale first in Europe and the Middle East, but we doubt it'll be long before Rolls-Royce would respond if American buyers demanded the armored VIP carrier.

[Source: Rolls-Royce]

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