What does Tesla Motors have in common with Personal Computers? A bit, I suppose, as the batteries that Tesla is using in the Roadster are lithium-ion, and similar (but on a much larger scale) to the batteries in laptop computers. Anything else? Why not watch the above video and find out what PC Magazine's Cade Metz has to say on the topic. For one, they think that the Tesla kind of sounds like a computer, in that it is quiet. I don't know about you, but I have heard some pretty loud computers in my time, including my uber-geek style system at home. Don't worry, I can turn the speed and fans down so that the system doesn't suck up major amperage while it is just humming along normally. Back to the Tesla, it seems that Cade liked the car, and there is a bit of footage of the roadsters in various states of "undress", which is interesting to see.

Another thing that PCs and Tesla Motors has in common? The founders of the company come from a background in computers. Thanks Google!

[Source: Youtube via Hugg]

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