Sure, most of the folks here at the NYIAS are interested primarily in the stuff that hasn't yet appeared in showrooms, but one of our favorite cars of the show was a twenty-year-old gem tucked off in a corner on the lower floor. What you see here in these photos is a genuine 1987 Buick GNX with all of 45 miles on the clock - a near-virgin example of a car that was a bit of a dinosaur even back in its day. The dated G-body platform was in its last year, and so McLaren and ASC were called in to give it a proper send-off.

What the GNX lacked in chassis sophistication was more than compensated by the highly-pressurized pushrod V6 under the hood and its electronic controls. The flares and sixteen-inch snowflake wheels only increased the sinister stance of the black two-door, but still did little to convey the performance potential of this machine. It was the beginning of the end of an era at GM, and eventually the neutering of individual brands killed off these acts of intracorporation rebellion.

Two decades ago, this thing stickered for a touch over $29K - or just shy of $54,000 in today's money. The odds of such a freak occurrence happening in Buick showrooms again are probably somewhat less than the likelihood of this exact vehicle ending up in our garage, we reckon. So what's the real Super Buick at this show?

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