Instead of imposing expensive product upgrades to improve fuel economy, GM product Bob Lutz says the government should require all gas stations to have at least one E85 pump. Lutz was the New York Auto Show and was quite vocal about federal and state movements to increase vehicle fuel economy by 4 percent annually through 2017. Lutz says such a requirement would add about $5,000 to $6,000 to each vehicle's cost.

"This technology does not come for free," Lutz told reporters.

Government estimates say the improved fuel economy would pay for the vehicle's increased cost, but GM officials say those numbers are off. Supporters claim automakers have had the technology, but Lutz says his company is interested in seeing these "magical no-cost solutions."

Lutz told the Detroit Free Press that the U.S. should require all gas stations to have an E85 pump. Critics say that move would tax the country's food supply.

It's a never-ending fight as to whom will pay for the reduction in oil dependency .

[Source: Justin Hyde / Detroit Free Press]

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