Car makers have declared April to be National Alternative Fuel Autos Month and they're promoting it by letting people know how many more new alternative fuel vehicles are being sold every year. According to stats compiled by RL Polk, who track registration data, there are now 103,000 alternative fuel vehicles on the road in New Mexico and 593,000 in Florida. Those are increases of 21.5 percent and 22.1 percent respectively for those two states. The figures include hybrids, E-85 flex-fuel and clean diesel vehicles. Those numbers are part of 1.5 million alternative fuel vehicles that were sold nationwide last year bringing the national total to 10.5 million vehicles. Currently there are 60 different models available that fall into these categories compared to 12 in 2000. The Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers is a trade group of carmakers that are helping to promote alternative fuel vehicles and fueling infrastructure for them such are E-85 stations of which there have been 200 new ones opened in the last two years.

[Source: Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers]

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