One of the vehicles available at the Ride & Drive here in Anaheim was the Phoenix SUT, and there's no way we were going to pass up a chance to test this thing out, even if it was only around the hotel. I actually went out twice, once behind the wheel and once sitting in the back (there are two rows of sears).

During my ride in the Phoenix SUT on Sunday, I rode while a Phoenix/Altairnano true believer took the wheel. This guy is a stockholder in Altairnano (he got in years ago when stocks were 30 cents a share), and raved about the potential of the Phoenix vehicles the whole time. He wasn't trying to convince me, (he spoke mostly to the Phoenix rep in the passenger seat) and just happened to be ahead of me in line and I decided to ride in back instead of wait for a driving chance to present itself.

On Tuesday, then, I got a chance to get behind the wheel for my quick drive. As should be expected in an all-electric vehicle, the SUT has good pick up (but there was no chance in the standard course to really floor it). Like other electric cars, the drives smooth and is wonderfully quiet to ride in. When the time comes, we'll take one of these out for a serious analysis but for now I give you our video of the SUT in action.

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