Spyker turns a profit for the first time

For the first time since its establishment in 2000, Spyker will finally be in the black. With revenues for 2006 up to 36 million euros, the quirky Dutch supercar builder was able to net 800,000 euros through the sale of some 94 vehicles last year.

Although less than 100 vehicles per year doesn't sound like much, that's practically double what Spyker sold in 2005 (48 units), and according to company execs, they have 327 vehicles currently on order.

With the imminent launch of the C12 Zagato and the D12 SUV, as well as its endeavors into Formula One, it seems like Spyker is officially a viable player in the ultra exotic car club. If this upward trajectory continues, we might be forced to add them to our monthly By the Numbers post.

[Source: Reuters]

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