AP: Politicians love themselves some hybrids

This article by AP writer Nancy Benac focuses on the presidential candidates in the United States and the cars they drive. She makes a convincing case that some American politicians are eager to make greener driving a key part of their public side because citizens care what they drive/ride in. Of course, we know it's not just national candidates or even American politicians who are going down the same road in hybirds and biodiesel buses, etc.
You can read the entire article here, but here's the quick and dirty list of who drives what are, according to the AP:
  • John Edwards: hybrid for personal use, and has a "carbon-neutral" campaign.
  • Barack Obama: usually drives a flex-fuel vehicle, but doesn't (can't) always fill it with E85.
  • Mitt Romney: announced candidacy in front of a hybrid Ford Escape.
  • Rudolph Giuliani: gives speeches on using more hybrid cars, but uses a Cadillac Escalade. His campaign won't say what he is driving these days, Benac reports.
  • John McCain: drives a 15-17 mpg Cadillac CTS.
  • Bill Richardson: gave up his Lincoln Navigator SUV in 2005 for a hybrid Escape, then turned around and got rid of the hybrid for a flex-fuel Chevy Tahoe LTZ.
Anyone want to chime in with what other candidates are cruising around in?

[Source: AP via The Denver Post]

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