The Vancouver International Auto Show continues the green trend

Following in the footsteps of other recent autoshows this year, the Vancouver International Auto Show is focusing on the greener side of the automotive landscape. Buying vehicles with better fuel economy and lower emissions has been on buyers minds, and the automakers know it. The very existence of sites like ABG prove that going greener is a hot topic. So, hybrids, diesels and flex-fuel'd vehicles have been taking the spotlight away from some of the higher performance but less green offerings as of late.

This article highlights the fact that the green industry is still in a learning stage. There really is no dominant technology available yet. Will clean diesels take over from hybrids in the U.S. as in Europe? Will biofuels ever really catch on? If they do, what source stock will be dominant? All good questions, and you can be sure that we will be there all along the way.

[Source: Brooks Bulletin]

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