Dodge Hornet, Chery S12, the QQ, and more updates on the Chery/DCX allianace

Ok, there has been some confusion over the Chery/DaimlerChrysler small car alliance recently (see?). Automotive News follows up on all that with a story over the weekend that reinforces the previously-suggested information that U.S. dealers will one day get a Chery-assembled Dodge Hornet (soon? We don't know). Different sources told Alysha Webb that the Hornet project is "fixed, but no final contract has been signed." Which brand will this Chery-made car carry? We don't know that either.
A new wrinkle is the S12 (as it's known at Chery), a small car that Chery will make for Chrysler to export to South America, Mexico and maybe Europe, Webb writes. The S12 looks like Chery's QQ (like this) and will go on sale in China later this year.

[Source: Alysha Webb / Automotive News (subs req'd)]

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