Indian Reva electric car to go on sale in Germany

We've previously covered the sad tale of a Reva electric car that had to be crushed in Australia because it was never certified for sale there and couldn't be licensed. The Indian made Reva cars have been available in England for some time and can even be rented there. Now comes word that they will soon go sale in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The company website quotes it as being a four seater, though the back seat is strictly for minors.

The base version is rated as having a 50-mile range, with a high-end model getting 90 miles per charge. The 48V worth of lead acid batteries of the base model can be fully charged in eight hours with an eighty percent charge in 2.5 hours from a 230V outlet. It's unknown at this time if the animal print finish will be standard or an extra cost option. The 40mph top speed will definitely preclude these machines from using the autobahn.

[Source: Edmunds, thanks to Davide for the tip]

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