GM might be relaxing a bit on their previously announced plan (see links below) to mass-produce hydrogen cars in 2010. Just Auto reported yesterday that GM will now decide in 2010 whether this mass production is a good idea. Granted, GM's never said they'd have hydrogen cars on dealer lots across the country (just in hydrogen-friendly places like California), but Just Auto's article (subs req'd) makes the General out to be a lot more relaxed about the introduction of the production Sequel (or whatever).

Lars Peter Thiesen, manager of GM Europe's fuel cell deployment strategy, speaking at a media briefing at GM's test track near Frankfort, Germany, told Just Auto that GM is waiting to hit two targets (a 5,500 hour fuel cell and getting the cost of fuel cell power to about $50 per kilowatt (Thiesen said that small petrol engines cost $30 per kilowatt and a big, sophisticated engine costs $70 per kilowatt. Just Auto never quotes Thiesen saying that 2010 is the official decision date, but that's what their headline says, so don't hold GM to this statement.

[Source: Just Auto (subs req'd)]

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