We know a lot of people who like to customize their rides, and we know a few people who are computer geeks, too. When you marry the two hobbies, some very interesting projects result. If you've already added a turbocharger to your Cavalier and overclocked your AMD processor by going into the motherboard BIOS and messing with the settings, then you haven't yet gone far enough.

Some very clever mod-masters have mated a turbocharger from a late 1990's Mitsubishi Eclipse with a custom-built PC, creating the neatest cooling system on the planet. To enhance cooling, the turbo spins at 3500 RPM to circulate air through the very nicely customized PC. The exotic (and pricey) cooling system has no psi rating, since pressurizing the PC would effectively destroy it. The turbo cooling system really works too, but due to impracticality (and we're presuming the noise) the forced cooling is only used to show off. Click on the gallery below to see pictures of this one of-a-kind system during the build.

[Source: Hacked Gadgets]

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