An internet forum dedicated to miles per gallon

If you have been on the internets (see, I have... w00t! I M L33t :-) for any length of time, you know that pretty much anything you could ever want to know (or not know) is probably already there. Forums were developed for people with a common interest to get together with people that they don't know, and could be half across the world from, and talk about anything. For instance, say you would like to know what sort of mileage somebody gets with a particular car, fuel source, or driving technique. Maybe you want to brag about how good you mileage is, or isn't. Maybe you want to share some technique to help others out. Check the forum. Chances are, somebody out there can help you in some way or another.

This particular forum is pretty new, so there is not much there yet. But, that is the perfect chance to become a big helper in getting it off the ground. Then you can be one of those snobby Internet forumers who have been on a forum since, like, forever and have a bajillion posts under their name and love to let others know it. Oh, nevermind. Just check it out!

[Source: Daily Fuel Economy Tip forum via Hugg]

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