Want to draw more people to Earth Day? Stage it along with a blues and barbeque festival

I'll never pass up a chance to post a blog with BBQ tips or recommend a blues festival! I know that slathering sauce on a fine rack of ribs isn't everyone's idea of a feast, and now meat eaters are being blamed for more greenhouse gases than vehicles. But combining Earth Day activities with a blues and barbeque festival is a chance to spread the word to an audience that might not normally seek out ways to reduce their carbon footprint.

The Earth Day agenda in this Colorado community includes handing out energy efficient light bulbs to those who'll sign an EPA-sponsored pledge. The Earth Day organizers will have other important information about energy consciousness to deliver at the show, including biodiesel facts. Environmentalists at times have been accused of being aloof if not tyrannical in presenting their views. Mixing with a crowd that may not share liberal convictions for all issues is a positive way to reach out with green issues. Congrats to the Keystone Earth Day organizers for joining the River Run's Blues and Barbeque Festival.

[Source: Summit Daily News]

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