MG may yet find a home in Oklahoma

The first Modern Gentleman has come off Nanjing's reconstituted assembly line in China, but we're getting conflicting reports about whether or not a rumored factory in Oklahoma will happen. Nanjing has been offered $20 million in incentives to come and build the MG TF where the wind comes sweepin' down the plain, but according to a recent report, the Ardmore, OK plant plans have been scrapped.

Nanjing hasn't made any formal response, but it appears that officials in Oklahoma are still working toward bringing the Chinese carmaker stateside and the Ardmore Development Authority is continuing to make efforts to bring the plant, as well as a parts distribution center, to Oklahoma.

Nanjing is China's oldest automaker, so it's not like they're neophytes; but, there's likely a learning curve about our emissions and safety regulations. Judging from how quickly the MG tooling was up and running after being shipped to China, we have no doubt that there will be a determined Chinese automaker offering cars for sale in the US in the near future.

Work continues on developing the airport and corralling the details among companies on three different continents, and supposedly they're currently completing due diligence before finalizing agreements. At least that's the rhetoric. We'll see how it all shakes out.

Thanks for the tip, Luis!

[Source: KOTV]

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