Yikes: Another $1,000 off on Toyota Tundra

It looks like the pickup truck wars are on, and one automaker from Japan is not declaring "Mission Accomplished". Within the span of a couple months, the new "game-changing" Tundra was launched, Toyota then placed cash on the hood of the new truck, the guys and girls over at Nissan canceled their HD version of the Titan, and now more cash is needed to move Tundras.

The newest incentive calls for an additional $1,000 towards the trade-in of a regular or extended cab Tundra. The Crew Max still has zero incentives on it, but the base Tundra now carries up to $3,000 in cash on the hood, depending on the model and what region in which it's purchased, which is very close to the $3,500 in incentives that you can get with a four year-old F-150. Special financing is also available on the Tundra for customers with Tier 1 or Tier 2 credit ratings.

Earlier this decade, Toyota did a terrific job of holding steady on incentives while the domestics went wild with 0% financing and $6,000 cash back offers. Now that it's trying to tussle with the Detroit Three in the pickup truck segment, tried and true Toyota discipline is out the window. This isn't a brand-new trend, either. Last year at this time, the previous generation Tundra had $4,500 on the hood, but we thought that trend would be coming to an end with the introduction of the new model. Guess not.

[Source: Automotive News - sub. req'd]

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