Former Tesla engineer Ian Wright has developed a super-quick electric vehicle called the X1. It's still a concept car and test platform but runs 0-30 in less than 2 seconds and 0-100 in just 6.8 seconds. No doubt it's fast, and a short video shows it blowing away a VW Beetle with a jet engine in its tail.

What? You heard right. Now, if I'm going to hold a stunt to publicize the amazing quickness of my vehicle, I'm not going to match it against a vehicle that is quite interesting and will draw attention away from my pride and joy. I want to know more about this VW. It doesn't look as if this small jet adds a whole lot of thrust to the car but it's got a flaming butthole that will stop traffic at every cruise night I've attended. And a word to the timid photographer; get a little closer. I've been right on the starting line snapping pics of two fullsize jet dragsters blasting down the 1320. You may lose a hat and get your hair mussed but you're not going to be a flambe dessert. Anyway, too bad the race wasn't at a sanctioned drag strip so we could get the times.

[Source: YouTube]

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