VIDEO: One Dodge Viper + two honkin' turbos = 220 MPH in 24.1 sec

Hennessey has a long history of making big horsepower, usually involving turbochargers. This in-car video from a breathed-on Viper shows off just how quickly Hennessey's mods can make the scenery blur. We really hate the sound of the fuel pump at the beginning of the clip - it's loud and obtrusive, and covers up a lopey idle from the V10. We're going to go out on a limb here and state that the cam isn't stock, and that's where the bumpy idle comes from. The fuel pump is quickly forgotten when the run starts. After a soft-shoe launch to maintain traction, the driver lays into it. The twin huffers sing their banshee song, things get real fast in a hurry, and ultimately 220 MPH is achieved in 24.1 seconds. Thanks to our friends over at Streetfire for yet another clip to giggle like schoolgirls over instead of working.

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[Source: Streetfire]

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