Oil Watchdog says Chevron is killing biofuels while pretending to promote them

Readers will likely remember at least some of the biofuel progress that Chevron has been a part of in the recent past (see links below for refreshers), but a new group called Oil Watchdog says that the oil giant is stopping biofuels where they're needed most: at the pump.
The group sent a letter to Chevron CEO David O'Reilly today that claims that even though the press releases promote Chevron's involvement with bifuels, the company "does not sell either E85 high-ethanol gasoline or biodiesel under its brand, and strongly discourages its contract dealers from independently selling such cleaner, lower-petroleum fuels." Oil Watchdog says independent Chevron franchises would have to install entirely separate fuel tanks and credit card systems to be able to sell biofuels. To quote: "provisions inserted [into the fuel contract] by your legal department that make it all but impossible for a Chevron dealer to deploy E85 or biodiesel." You can read the entire letter here (in PDF).

There is no official response yet from Chevron. The company's most recent release is " Chevron Announces Inauguration of the World-Class Bibiyana Gas Field." I've put in an email to see what the company's side of the tale is. I'll let you know if they respond.

Oil Watchdog was launched today by the Foundation for Taxpayer & Consumer Rights.

[Source: Oil Watchdog]

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