Crazy Cracker: NY Rabbi turns bus into Matza oven

We thought Doctor Teeth and the Electric Mayhem had an interesting use for an old school bus, but WCBS in New York is reporting on a Hassidic rabbi who apparently transformed an old bus into a giant Matza bakery.

The flatbreads are traditionally baked in a brick oven, but with the Passover holiday looming, the rabbi evidently wanted to step up production. Oddly, this wasn't the first strange use of that same bus, as it was reported to have been previously used as someone's home and then as a transporter for a race car before starting its fourth life for baking the sacramental unleavened bread in Spring Valley, New York.

The rabbi was confronted by officials after the bus, parked in his back yard and hooked into the house's gas lines, was billowing smoke into the neighborhood, causing a plague of darkness that raised some suspicions. 'Let my misdemeanor go', argued the rabbi, insisting that he wasn't causing any harm. The incident gives new meaning to the term "slaving over a hot oven", but at least he wasn't selling the Matzas through a pyramid scheme.

Follow the link to watch the news report.

[Source: WCBSTV via Winding Road]

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