Chrysler being sued by publisher of Choose Your Own Adventure books

Chooseco LLC (nice name) has filed a trademark lawsuit against DaimlerChrysler for Jeep's new marketing campaign that uses the tag line "Choose Your Adventure," which apparently is too close to the publisher's popular series of "Choose Your Own Adventure" books. Remember those? They were the books that always got checked out first from your grade school library, forcing you to look for dirty words in the encyclopedia instead.
The publisher is miffed at not just the similar tagline, but the entire campaign, which it claims is aimed at men in their 20s and 30s who grew up reading "Choose Your Own Adventure" books. Both sides are currently talking, though Jason Vines, head communicator for the Chrysler Group, says his company offered to link to the publisher's website from the Jeep brand webpage. "Obviously, they're looking for money," he said. "We'd offered to link our site, which gets nine katrillion times more traffic, to their site." Truly a maestro of words, that Vines.

Though DCX was hit with a cease and desist letter on March 16th, the campaign is already in full force, with magazine and TV ads already out there. Airtime during the NCAA finals this weekend has also been bought, as well. There's no putting the toothpaste back in this tube, so we'll likely see Chooseco settle for an easy payday.

NOTE: The book shown is not an actual CYOA title, just one of many farcical photochops found on the net.

[Source: via Winding Road]

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