TOM'S does up the IS350

Although the upcoming IS-F has got many a Lexus enthusiast's blood boiling, those that are already content with their IS350 can benefit from one of Japan's top Toyota tuners: TOM'S.

The aftermarket firm specializes in all things ToMoCo, including campaigning a number of vehicles in Super GT, Formula Nippon and Formula 3. As with all good tuners, that extensive motorsports experience filters down to its consumer-grade products and has served, up until the introduction of the IS-F, as Toyota's unofficial M and AMG tuning house.

[Source: Nihon Car and Bike]

The TOM'S version of the IS350 benefits from a mild tweaking of all the performance related components of the stock vehicle, with a revised ECU, new air filter and cat-back exhaust. In order to control and halt the 3.5-liter's forward momentum, TOM'S can outfit the IS350 with new brakes and lines, as well as a number of custom suspension setups -- from the mild spring/strut combos, to the full-bore coilovers, strut bars, sway bars and lower body reinforcement braces. Throw in one of their LSDs and you've got a streetable whip that can take to the touge with ease.

As for rolling stock, TOM'S gives its customers the options of three different wheel styles, all measuring in at 19 inches, along with some exotic rubber that we won't see here in the States. Exterior styling is subdued with some minor changes to the front and rear bumpers, plus the addition of a diminutive trunk lid spoiler.

Most of TOM'S wares aren't available Stateside, but with the rise of certain aftermarket suppliers, there's a good possibility that you may see a TOM'S massaged IS before you see its V8-powered big brother.

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