Rolls-Royce Phantom Gaines Wood: Better than the original?

Reader Mark Stewart tipped us off to this custom Phantom dubbed the "Gaines Wood" currently offered at P&A Wood, a UK Rolls-Royce and Bentley retailer. As you can see, the Phantom's hard-edged face has been replaced by a much softer and traditional-looking fascia that eliminates the stock lights in favor of a simpler set of double lamps. The front bumper is replaced as well.

It's certainly an interesting, attractive and well-executed alternative to the Phantom's imposing factory visage. Truth be told, it really fits in very well with the rest of the car, which remains untouched. Based on comments we've had on past Phantom-related posts, we think this car will connect with many of the RR aficionados who are unhappy with the Phantom's starkly Teutonic frontal design. No price is given, but we'll rest easy in the knowledge that whatever it is, we're not in a position to bust out the checkbook, anyway.

UPDATE: Former Autoblogger and current Winding Road scribe Chris Paukert sends this link to an interview WR conducted with Paul Wood of P&A Wood about this very automobile. It was created in-house for a customer who would not have purchased the car at all if the modifications weren't made. The headlamps are sourced from a Bentley Continental R, and the entire conversion cost a whopping £26,000 or so (approx. $51,000 USD). The same customer has ordered a Phantom long-wheelbase, which will also receive the Gaines Wood conversion. Head over to Winding Road to read the full interview and see some additional shots of the car.

[Source: P & A Wood]

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