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Holden engineering chief says New V12 Cadillac not coming from Oz

Bob Lutz recently confirmed that Cadillac is developing a top-of-the-line model powered by a V12 to take on the Mercedes S-class and BMW 7 series. Unlike other recent rear-wheel-drive models like the Pontiac G8 and Chevrolet Camaro, the new model will not be developed by the Holden team in Australia. Holden engineering director Tony Hyde said his engineers are not involved in any way in the V12 development. An Australian report had claimed that the new car would be based on the new Zeta platform that underpins the other new RWD GM cars with the V-12 being based on a pair of 3.6L V-6s joined together.

If the V12 Caddy does come to fruition, it seems likely that the engine would be a development off the six cylinder, but the architecture would more likely be derived from the Sigma platform that the other RWD/AWD Cadillacs sit on. According to Hyde, all of his resources are being used to develop the Camaro/G8/Impala and other derivatives. If the Alpha platform proves to be real, the Aussie team would likely be pretty busy with that as well.

[Source: Just-Auto - Sub. req'd]

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