Recaros for your kiddos

When most people shop for a car, they may be aware of the brand of tires or the kind of stereo, but few people think about who manufactured the seats. One exception to that is Recaro. The German company has long made seats for carmakers like Porsche and Mercedes-Benz, as well as for the aftermarket. In the late '70s, Recaros became very popular with the introduction of their multi-articulated seats.
More recently, Recaro has applied some of its expertise to the world of child safety seats. They offer a line of products ranging from rear-facing infant seats to boosters for older children. Styled in the fashion of their full-sized driver seats with adjustable bolsters and removable liners, the child seats' can be tweaked to keep your kids safe and secure as they grow. They aren't cheap, but they are Recaros.

[Source: Recaro via The Driving Woman]

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