Gotham Dream Cars launches DreamShare exotic car club

The East Coast premium rental car company, Gotham Dream Cars, has just launched its own "Exotic Car Club" program called DreamShare. The program is offered through the firm's NY and Miami locations, and offers drivers a chance to sample supercars and exotics without the hassles of ownership like depreciation, storage concerns, maintenance costs and the like. And really, for $300-$450 a day, who wouldn't love to have a Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin or Bentley available for a weekend trip to the Vineyard? Feeling a bit more patriotic? You can choose the Ford GT or Corvette Z06 then.

Like other programs of its type, members pay a membership fee and get a certain number of points they can use to rent vehicles in the rotation. They'll even deliver the car to you. DreamShare has three tiers of service: Platinum, Titanium and Elite. Each gives you more days of rentals (20, 45, 90 days) for a higher price tag ($9,000, $18,000, $27,000). It's actually quite reasonable when you break it down, especially for cars of this level. The current active fleet consists of a pair of Aston Martin Vanquishes, a brace of Murcielagos, a couple of Gallardo Spyders, a 360 Spider duo, an F430, Bentley GTC, Ford GT, and Chevy Corvette Z06, among others. The cars generally move to NY in Summer and Florida in Winter, but they promise cars in each city year-round. More details about the plans and Gotham's regular rental program are available by following the read link. Sadly we didn't see a gift registry anywhere on the site.

[Source: Gotham Dream Cars]

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