Actor Will Ferrell drives an electric car and a Toyota Prius

While the article does not give an details as to which electric car Will Ferrell drives, he does say that he has added a new one to his current automotive fleet, which already included a Prius. Will is another celebrity in a long list of celebs who choose to drive green (see, for example, George Clooney and the Tango). Will also is building a new home which is eco-friendly.
Another odd but strangely funny snippet from the interview? The name of the street he is building on roughly translates into "a whale's vagina". You couldn't make that kind of stuff up if you wanted to, but it exists in real life. Fitting for such a funny and interesting guy to live on such an oddly named street (or is it just a joke?).

[Source: Premiere via Ecorazzi]

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