Wanna know even more about green energy? Look into Energy Planet

Energy Planet doesn't report its own green energy news, but if you're looking for information on renewable energy, transportation-related or not, it's a useful directory. There's not too much there that a dedicated Google search wouldn't turn up, but if you're just looking for a Stumble Upon-like way to fine sites that relate in some way to greener driving, Energy Planet is a fine place to spend some time. It's a subsite of Alternative Energy News.
Energy Planet categories that will likely be of interest to AutoblogGreen readers are Transportation, Hybrid Cars, Fuel Cells, Electric Car and Batteries.

In the interest of full disclosure, I should report that I only learned about Energy Planet when the webmaster, Alex Ramon, emailed us to say AutoblogGreen had been added to their blog section. We're glad to be noted on the site, and let him know if you find the site useful.

[Source: Energy Planet]

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