U.S. Army going hybrid for next generation tactical vehicles

Five demonstration military concept vehicles were on hand at the Strategic Deployment Center at Fort Lewis last week to help the Army choose its next generation of tactical vehicles. Built by three different manufacturers, the three utility vehicles and two maneuver sustainment vehicles all featured diesel-electric hybrid engines and power-take-off. One of the maneuver sustainment vehicles built by Armor Holdings had the capability to produce 30 kilowatts of exportable power.

Col. John S. Myers, the Army's project manager for Future Tactical Systems was quoted as saying, "About every 25 years, the services have modernized their tactical vehicles. Right now, the concentration is on replacing the Humvee."

Analysis: While none of these vehicles ever be mass-produced because they were just built to demonstrate advanced concept technologies, it's good to see hybrid powertrains showing up in these vehicles. Eventually technology developed for the military will trickle down from these army trucks to consumer vehicles, benefiting us all.

[Source: Bob Reinert / Army]

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