Spy Shots: Corvette SS "Blue Devil" - will it debut in New York?

That's right, we're still calling the upcoming Corvette SS the "Blue Devil", and it appears from these spy shots that Rick Wagoner feels the same way. Taken by veteran spy photog Jim Dunne for Popular Mechanics, the spyshots include one of the car's rear where a sticker on the bumper is visible. PM asks whether it could be the "Blue Devil" logo of Duke University, Wagoner's alma mater. It's impossible to tell what the sticker shows on the shots provided, but we assume PM and Dunne had larger shots to inspect, and will therefore take their word for it.
PM also claims the Corvette SS may be one of the seven world premiers General Motors is planning for the New York Auto Show in April. There are still at least two debuts that we can't account for, so it's possible the production Blue Devil could debut at the last auto show of the season. It would certainly leave a big impression on the buying public going into the summer sales doldrums. There's nothing like news of a 650-hp Vette costing in the six-figure range to perk up some ears.

[Source: Popular Mechanics]

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