Dodge launches two new contests to win cars

We'll be honest, we'd be much more inclined to drive a brand new vehicle if it were free, which is why we always give these little games and contests at least one shot. Dodge announced two new contests today, the grand prizes of which are a Dodge Ram 1500 and Dodge Avenger sedan.

The first is called the Dodge Ram Rock'em Sock'em Challenge ( Official Rules), which is obviously inspired by those Ram commercials in which the Dodge truck socks the block off of its toy challenger. In the game, you have to hit your arrow keys in a particular sequence, which correspond to punches on the screen. If you pop the noggin of your competitor fast enough, you'll be entered in the Tier 1 Heavyweight prize division for a chance to win a Ram of our own.

The second contest is called the Dodge Avenger – Avenge Your Commute. To enter, you need to compose a 250-word essay about the trials and tribulations of your daily commute, and why the new Dodge Avenger would your daily slog that much better. If your essay is the best, you'll be flown to L.A. on April 16th, which happens to be National Stress Awareness Day, and get to demolish a "replica" of your own car and drive home in a new Avenger.

[Source: Dodge]

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