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Caught! Kia gets its sport on with cee'd xR

Kia has always had aspirations of being the sporty brand to Hyundai's volume image, but unfortunately never fielded the hardware to convincingly make the case. Things seem to be changing, as word came last week that the South Korean automaker is planning a rival for the Audi TT. Today we've come across pics of what appears to be a sport version of the Euro-market cee'd. Apparently called the cee'd xR according to a badge on the grill, this sport model features styling reminiscent of the pro_cee'd concept shown at the Paris Motor Show last fall. Up front is a black diffuser that forces air into the lower intake, while another body-colored diffuser is recessed into the new lower bodywork out back. According to Caradisiac, the cee'd xR is powered by a new turbocharged 2.0L four-cylinder from Hyundai, though power figures weren't mentioned. That's all the info we could cull from the French-language site, but the pictures speak volumes. Unfortunately, the cee'd isn't sold in the U.S. so we'll never see this model Stateside, but hopefully the xR moniker makes it across the pond on other models.

[Source: Caradisiac]

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