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Brooke Double R gets power bump from blower

Ariel Atoms, Caterham Superlights, KTM X Bows, Derondas and the like tend to follow a certain formula that happens to be very successful in the world of racing. Keep it simple, keep it light, and keep it balanced. They don't need 500-hp V10s to prove their point. Small rev-happy motors that can churn out 140, 180, 220 hp are the norm, but there are always options. Some people look at these horsepower figures and think, "I know it offers a superior driving experience and can lap any given track as quickly as cars with rheww times the power, but what if this car had that much power, too?" That is why Brooke will now be offering a supercharged version of its Ford Duratec powerplant for use in the Double R. While horsepower can easily reach more than 400, they think the final tune will be around 350. Not a huge jump over the top current option at 300, but it will have twice the torque of the lesser motor, as well. That should really make things interesting in this sub-ton car.

[Source: Autocar]

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