ZAP CEO Steve Schneider just returned from a trip to Europe where, among other things, he got together with representatives from Group Lotus and Lotus Engineering. ZAP has announced plans to build a battery powered crossover based on the Lotus APX design study. Unlike Tesla who kept details of their Roadster fairly quiet until they actually had at least real prototypes, ZAP is racing ahead issuing press releases with some pretty amazing specifications and sketches but little else tangible.

Given the engineering prowess at Lotus, if anyone can come close to living up to ZAPs claims, they are the ones. Lotus has made great advancements in developing strong lightweight aluminum structures through their work on the Elise. Light weight is important for electric vehicles to compensate for the extra weight of batteries. Apparently, Schneider was unaware of what Lotus was capable of prior to visit, which makes one wonder what else he is actually aware of.

[Source: ZAP]

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