The Acabion GTBO, a streamliner for the road

I am not going to focus on the insane performance numbers of the Acabion GTBO. For the record, it is expected to be able to reach 450 kilometers per hour, or about 280 miles per hour, and accelerate to 400 kilometers per hour, or about 250 miles per hour in 20 seconds. The engine is a 700 horsepower turbocharged beast. Enough of that...

What I think is interesting to our readers here is what can be done when it comes to aerodynamics and rolling resistance. The fewer wheels that a vehicle has on the ground, the less rolling resistance it has. The shape of the streamlined fuselage of the vehicle is as aerodynamic as a bullet. One reason that the vehicle's aerodynamics are better than standard motorcycles is the frontal area and the length of the bodywork. When people put their minds to optimizing features such as these, the engines could be much smaller and more efficient, while still delivering adequate performance, namely, cruising speed.

[Source: Gizmag]

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