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Mikuni delevops a low cost hydrogen sensor to detect leakage

Hydrogen and hydrogen fuel cells have opponents and proponents on this site, and many times they are rather vocal. Which is a good thing, I think, because they both raise points and facts that the other side may not have considered.
One thing is for sure, though. Hydrogen is a hot topic, and developments are taking place in the hydrogen arena. Like it or not, hydrogen is coming. Opponents of hydrogen as an energy carrier often site safety as a problem. Obviously, hydrogen is flammable. Even if a vehicle is powered by a fuel cell and never burns the hydrogen, if it were to escape it could cause an explosion of at least be a fire hazard. So Mikuni, a maker of automotive fuel products, has developed a hydrogen sensor to monitor the storage of hydrogen for leaks. Step by step, little by little, hydrogen vehicles will come, and products like these will lower their costs. I personally think that electric vehicles will be more popular and common, but we'll see.

[Source: Mikuni via Fuel Cell Works]

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