How about a flexible, transparent battery?

There is some interesting work going at Waseda University in Japan. A few months ago there was news of a genetically engineered blood protein that could split water into hydrogen and oxygen. Now researchers there have developed a flexible, transparent battery. Hiroyuki Nishide, Hiroaki Konishi and Takeo Suga have created 200 namometer thick polymer film coated with Nitroxide radical groups.

The radicals hold the charge and can evidently be charged in one minute, although it's unknown how much energy that includes. They also claim it can go over 1,000 charge cycles, surpassing one of the main drawbacks of lithium ion batteries. There's no word yet on how well this scales up or what kind of energy density and power is available, but it's definitely something to watch for in the future.

[Source: Gizmag via Engadget]

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