First validation prototype Tesla Roadster arrives in California

Yes, we've all seen the pictures of the Tesla Roadster (if not, check out the photo gallery below). But all we've really seen are the first drafts, the engineering prototypes (EPs). Now, version 2.0 (or 1.1 or whatever) of the Roadster - the first validation prototype (VP) - has made it from the company's Hethel (UK) production facility to San Carlos, California.

Malcolm Powell, vice president of vehicle integration at Tesla Motors, wrote a detailed blog entry yesterday about these VPs and how they differ from the EPs, cosmetically and otherwise. Powell says that pretty much everything has changed, either the look or the way it is/will be produced. The VPs - there will be nine more - will be put through lots of tests in California and four of them will be sent to the crash test graveyard. Others will be used for test drives by media outlets. Oh, we're gonna get our name on that list.

If you live in or around San Carlos, keep your camera phone ready while you're out and about. We'd gladly accept your photo submissions. Until then, check out Powell's blog entry here.

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[Source: Tesla Motors]

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