Canada taking positive steps to encourage fuel-efficient motoring; but 114mpg?? Get serious!

Several measures in the 2007 budget for the Canadian government are designed to attract consumers to fuel-efficient vehicles. The green transport initiatives include incentives to purchase vehicles with excellent fuel economy and get rid of gas guzzlers and older cars.
Some 2007 models are already set for $2,000 rebates, including Honda Civic Hybrid, Ford Escape HEV and Toyota Prius. There are also $1,500 and $1,000 rebate levels. Not all are for subcompacts or hybrids. The Chevy Impala with flex-fuel or E85 capability is up for a $1,000 rebate.

The story in the Guardian newspaper included an interview with the driver of a Mercedes Smart. He said he has a friend who also drives a Smart who has recorded 114mpg on smooth and level roads.

I like positive stories about great gas mileage, but I wish people would learn how to use a calculator. And I wish the journalists behind these stories would challenge the purveyors of these wild claims. If this Smart driver really is getting 114mpg, there may be a few million dollars waiting for him.

[Source: Nancy Willis / The Guardian]

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